Catherine“I never leave home without a ‘Minda’ because her jewelry is often the best part of my outfit! I have about 45 of her masterpieces and am guaranteed a compliment a day. Now all of my friends are collectors too and we can’t wait until my next party (I’ve hosted several) because they are so much FUN.”
Catherine Curry-Williams
Owner of “Wine, Women & Chocolate” / Founder of “Shane’s Inspiration” and Co-Producer of “Women With a Purpose” Conferences


Dari“What I love most about my jewelry from Minda, is the impact it has when I wear something she’s made. Each piece has magical design elements, which translates into me feeling a little more magical, as well. Her baubles are like the frosting on my ‘personal sense of style cake’ and I have been stopped in the streets of L.A., New York, London, Florence and Mexico, by both women and men, who are curious about the origin of my jewelry. AND she will even customize a piece with you just in case you have a heirloom piece you want to reconfigure! Minda is gifted and I am thrilled to tout her talent!” Dari McKenzie
Writer, Performer & Realtor


“I currently have 40 gorgeous necklaces in my personal stash of Minda Burr Jewelry, and have given dozens of gifts to family and friends – many of which I long to get back!… Often the need arises to buy a new outfit to go with my new jewels and I get compliments EVERY DAY when stepping out in the world…the grocery store, walking down the street, restaurants, the bank line…with Oooohh’s and Aahhhh’s following me as I gleefully witness coveting glances from women and men alike! I am bursting with pride that Minda’s jewels can now be shared through”
Holly Powell
Emmy Award winning Casting Director, Author of “The Audition Bible”, Owner of Holly Powell Studios (Audition Workshops)


Tamara“I am SO Fortunate that Minda Burr is one of my Dearest and most cherished Friends. That being said, I am also Equally fortunate to be up close and personal to all of her Beautiful, Exquisite Creations. Minda’s talents are so multi-faceted and that is demonstrated in her very unique and gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Every time I wear one, I am stopped by people and asked, “Where did you get that necklace?” “How can I get one? And those earrings?!” It happens Every day! Minda’s creativity Shines through her masterpieces, which they are. I always feel “Dressed”, when wearing a Minda Burr Original….even in my yoga pants”
Tamara Mark
Voice Over Artist,  Autism Advocate & Mother of Two


Judy“I am a huge fan of Minda’s jewelry! I have been wearing her lovely necklaces and earrings for over 15 years. Her taste and style are impeccable and every piece has a different feel and look. I always say “when you wear a Minda, you are wearing ART! Whenever I wear a necklace I always get compliments! ALWAYS! And I am proud to have had a number of fantastic Jewelry parties in my home and shared her works of art with many of my friends.”
Judy Kain
Working Actress, Author & Owner of KEEP IT REAL Acting Studio


“I fell in love with Minda Burr’s Jewelry back in 2004. What a joy it has been to buy her treasures for myself, family and friends. Minda’s designs make the most excellent gifts, always adored and appreciated and the parties have been salve to the soul. I count Minda among my closest and dearest friends and find myself playing in her jewelry studio every time I go to her house….that is so much fun!!

Now, here we are in 2016, and my personal collection has amassed to nearly 50 necklaces, over 100 pairs of earrings, and 3 ankle bracelets….I adore my Minda collection”
Diane Christiansen
Master Acting Coach & Mother of Two


Debbie“Every piece I have ever purchased from Minda emotes a specific emotion when I put it on! Sexy, sophisticated, coy or playful I leave my home with a glow of confidence and glamour! Her work is impeccable and each piece has its own magnificent quality! I have soooo many different necklaces ……long and short…..and her earrings are simply fabulous! Minda’s passion for her jewelry is evident in each and every piece and I am sure I will collect many more through the years!”
Debbie Nodelman
Owner of True Alka Water


Susan“I just LOVE my Minda jewelry. It amazes me that without fail, whenever I wear one of my stunning necklaces made by Minda, I am sure to receive a compliment – from perfect strangers! Like today at the Post Office and Costco! People literally stop me to admire the beautifiul stones and designs and want to know where they can get one too! When I wear a “Minda”, I always feel beautiful and fabulous! Really!”
Susan Edwards Martin
Accomplished Actress, Singer, Musician
Vocal Coach & Mom
Her original Musical UNLIMITED will be in theaters soon!


Cathey“Minda Burr pours her unique creativity and love into each piece. Her gorgeous jewelry elevates even the simplest of outfits. I am a huge fan and an avid collector.”
Cathey Painter
CEO The Ageless Beauty Report
Co-Producer of the “Women With a Purpose” Conferences



Lucinda“Every time I wear one of Minda’s necklaces, earrings or anklets, I get many compliments from men as well as women. A nice compliment from a perfect stranger can make your day. It’s an honor to wear her jewelry… Her necklaces will make any outfit stand out from evening attire to sweats and a t-shirt! Minda’s sparkling personality shows in all the baubles she creates.”
Lucinda Piligian
Author, Artist & Homemaker



Tracy“When I wear Minda’s Beautiful Jewelry I feel like a Princess.”
Tracy Mays
Co-Owner and Managing Director of @LArge Productions





Monica“From the moment I was introduced to Minda’s Jewelry I was hooked! I get more compliments when I wear her pieces of Art and I am always so proud to say it was made by my dear friend. I look forward to every event she has so I can get new pieces. I find myself not wearing anything but her jewelry because of the Attention it brings. They are all a total Statement. Minda has a true talent and I Love every piece of jewelry she creates.”
Monica Allen
Travel Consultant


Linda“I have been a Big Fan and Collector of Minda’s gorgeous jewelry for the last nine years. I just counted them all and I have 52 necklaces and matching earrings… WOW! I Love to wear them alone or layered because they bring me much Joy!”
Linda McIntyre
Co-ordinator at Madonna University




Ramey“I LOVE Minda Burr’s jewelry! It’s beautiful and looks gorgeous whenever I want to be dressed up. But one of my favorite things about wearing her pieces is that they elevate even the most casual of outfits. Like this checked shirt and jeans. The beautiful Onyx, Crystal and Silver necklace takes it to a whole new level of being cool!”
Ramey Warren
President of Media Savvy Plus
Co-Producer of the “Pearl Xchange” Conferences